Product Innovation

In my free time, I like to license* ideas out to brands.

*Licensing is where you can rent ideas out to companies and have them do all the heavy lifting (manufacturing, distributing, marketing, selling, etc.) for you as you sit back and collect royalty's awesome.

Mini-Back Scratchers

The first idea that I've ever licensed was a mini-collapsible back scratcher to a brand called Kikkerland. I had a thought about how we wouldn't need a long back scratcher to get that one small spot that can't be reached, and Kikkerland agreed.

Here's what I submitted to Kikkerland:

...and this is what they came back with:

Now they're selling it!

...even on Amazon.

People (and cats) are loving it.

They also took care of the patents for me.

My first Q1 royalties report from Kikkerland:

I like to think that what I do in ad, I also do in developing products — which is to design problem solving ideas.

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