CITES  — Endangered Origamis

Stunt Campaign

CITES is an international treaty that protects wildlife against illegal animal trafficking.

Many of Chile's endangered animals are being trafficked illegally.

The mission is to raise awareness amongst Chileans to convince their politicians on enacting the CITES bill within their nation.



The campaign starts within the elementary schools of Chile. 

Students are given origami templates and are asked to help fold origamis of Chile's endangered animals.



Origamis of Chile's endangered animals.



In June 2015, a CITES International Conference will be taking place in Chile.

On that day, students will take their origamis and place them on the front steps of Chile's National Congress Building for the politicians and public to see.



Close-up of the origamis.



Using "#CITESparaChile" (CITES for Chile), people can see the stunt takeover through

social media and find a link to sign the CITES petition to send to their politicians.