Cedars-Sinai Hospital x (Sports Team Sponsorships)

Cedars-Sinai hospital is a proud sponsor of LA's favorite sports teams.

Cedars-Sinai x L.A. Dodgers

Print / OOH / Bus Installation

As the official medical center of the L.A. Dodgers, Cedars-Sinai celebrates the littlest of Dodger fans on the Dodger Stadium Express — a bus that takes commuting fans from Union Station to Dodger stadium.

These panels were placed inside the Dodger Stadium Express bus.

To let other drivers know that the biggest, littlest fans were on board, a sticker was placed on the back of the Dodgers Stadium Express.

Cedars-Sinai x L.A. Clippers

Print / Non-traditional


Thermometer-thundersticks were given out to Clippers fans during home games.


Cedars-Sinai x L.A. Rams

Print / OOH


A giant banner was placed along the L.A. Coliseum.