The most important currency that we have, is not money, but time. We all need reminders that making money shouldn't always be the goal, but on how we use our time.

My friend Chris Onesto and I wanted to have a daily reminder of that, so we created the Countdown-Clock-Of-The-Day.

Taking the 24 hours of the day, we placed it on the face of the clock. Using the one-hour-hand, we had it go counter-clockwise to countdown the hours left remaining for the day.


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Self-feeding Plant

I suck at taking care of plants. So I made a plant that would feed itself by using an arduino, a moisture sensor, and a water pump.

The moisture sensors in the soil detect the water moisture level. Once it detects that it's dry, it tells the arduino to turn on the water pump and feed water into the plant.

To cover up the ugly hose, I've gave the plant its' own mini-cloud to make it look like it is raining on top of itself.


Thanking the Unthanked

As much as we all hate the parking ticket fairy, they're just doing their job — a job that nobody thanks them for doing.

I created a little "Thank You" card disguised as a parking citation to place on the parking enforcer's car. 

A little bit of appreciation is nice to have every now and then.


Beach Ball of Stress

After spending countless hours of photoshopping and forgetting to save, one of the worst things to see is the spinning beach ball of death — so here's a squishy stress ball the relieve some of that anxiety.


P&G's Courtesy Shoutouts

Nothing lasts forever, but a little heads up before it's gone would be nice.

To prime and increase purchase intent of customers, courtesy shoutouts are placed toward the end of products under P&G's family tree.

This will give a heads up to its' consumers that the product they're using is almost out, and will soon be in need of replacing.